Shelter in Place and Cannabis

Lets face it Shelter in Place is a challenging task especially if you live in San Francisco. From Sun up to Sun down you usually have every hour planned out. San Franciscan's now have to switch gears and flatten the curve. Choose a sativa strain like Banana Split. This type of strain will brighten up your mood and get your mind moving. You don't want to smoke your lungs out. Think of it like alcohol. You wouldn't pound a whole bottle of Whiskey and then think you'll be able to do anything constructive. Take a couple good rips of your bong or a personal size half gram preroll. You want to smoke just enough to give yourself what I like to call polarized sunglasses vision. Colors are brighter, shoulders are lighter, all senses are a notch magnified, and time is just a millisecond slower. Now that

your in the zone tackle that chore you've been putting off the longest. Today I'm tackling my closet of chaos. I'll update with pics. Good luck out there peeps! Good vibes and stay sanitary.



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