Ape- Boss OG 1.1g Indica 88%THC

Ape- Boss OG 1.1g Indica 88%THC



THC 1000 mg / CBD 0 mg. 

Releases a tingly onset of creative energy for all of your relaxation needs. The flavor is earthy and woody with a touch of lemon pine.

Cartridge0:1 CBD/THCBoss OGCreativeEarthyFloweryHigh DosageIndicaLemonLimeMarijuana DerivedPineRelaxedSleep SoundlySleepyTHCUpliftedWoody

More about this strain: Boss OG


Dark Heart Nursery backcrossed some OG Kush phenotypes similar to Fire OG to produce this boss. The nursery says it’s a discontinued strain. Clone shop Phresh Start Farms says Boss OG has up to 30% THC, while Dark Heart reports a lemony, diesel flavor profile.


The balanced hybrid needs an experienced grower to trim and double-trellis it, but will reward those efforts with a heavy yield in about nine to 10 weeks, according to the breeder, which also says Boss OG produces calming effects along with pain relief.