Bloomfield - Citral Glue (1OZ) - 24%THC

Bloomfield - Citral Glue (1OZ) - 24%THC

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Citral Glue - 1 OZ - Indica Dominant Hybrid - 24%THC - by Bloomfield


The rare Sativa-leaning hybrid known as Citral Glue has cannabis connoisseurs raving about its potent and euphoric effects.

Some, who have been lucky enough to try Citral Glue, say that they noticed an immediate improvement in mood and the onset of euphoria. As the blissful and giggly high of this strain kicked in, these reviewers shared that they experienced a mild increase in energy. Some said they could not get much done when using this strain because it left them hazy. Others have enjoyed Citral Glue because it helped to reduce their chronic pain, stress, anxiety and fatigue.



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