Dime Bag- Fruity Haze 18% THC Hybrid (Half oz $98)

Dime Bag- Fruity Haze 18% THC Hybrid (Half oz $98)


Fruit Haze is a sativa dominant strain bred by Colin Koenig of Mercy Tree of Alaska as an unintentional cross between Cherry Lime Haze and Gorilla Glue #4. It has an overwhelming smell of juicy fruit gum that carries through on inhale & exhale and has a sweet flavor with a slight earthy tone at the end. It won 1st pace in the Sativa category at the Alaska Cannabis Classic in 2018.


Mercy Fruit Haze has an exceptional appearance due to its great structure and trichome coverage. The terpene profile is pleasant and pronounced, highlighted by sweet, citrus notes with a strong diesel undertone.


With THC content of 20%, Mercy Fruit Haze starts off with a surge of fresh energy, mild euphoria and a boost in alertness and focus. Often described as a very positive high, it can be a good way to start the day or serve to enhance a night on the town, due to its upbeat effects. Medicinally, it has the potential to mitigate pain, alleviate tension and reduce stress (including symptoms of OCD and other mental conditions). It is also reported to have appetite suppressing effects immediately after smoking.



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